Traditionally, women diagnosed with a Fibroadenoma had two options: watchful waiting over time or surgical excision.

Today, a less invasive third option is available: Cryoablation. This procedure is working since decades for several other organs treatments and is now ready for fibroadenoma treatment, too.

Cryoablation is an FDA and CE approved treatment for destoying Fibroadenomas and it is an alternative to open surgery. Extreme cold is used to completely destroy tissues.

Cryoablation technology is an established, effective terapy that has been used for decades to destroy benign and cancerous tumors in kidneys, prostate, liver, bone and other organs. This technology  and procedure has been now optimized for treating breast fibroadenomas. 

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Fibroadenomas can be removed surgically. This procedure is performed in an operating room and includes surgically removing the fibroadenoma and suturing (stitching) the incision closed. Depending from the size of the fibroadenoma and the location in the breast, healing may results in an indentation or change in the shape and size of the breast. In addition, the size of the scar on the skin will vary, depending on the size of the fibroadenoma.

Surgery requires 1 or 2 days in hospital and could result in some pain.


You may choose to observe your fibroadenoma over time and feel your breast for changes. Your doctor may request follow-up visits every 6-12 months and ultrasound or other imaging to check for any changes in the lump.

If the fibroadenoma enlarges or became uncomfortable, your doctor would then recommend a treatment option such a surgical excision.