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ProSenseTM Cryoablation system, manufactured by IceCure Medical, is the most effective procedure for ablation of breast lesion. 

Manipolo ProSense™

Cryoablation main advatages and characteristic are:

  • Cryoablation is best achieved by rapid cooling, low temperature and freeze-thaw cicling: the cooling rate and the lowest achieved temperature are the most important factors that affect the effectiveness and efficacy of the ablation.
  • The coolant (in liquid form) is supplied to the end of the needle, boils by absorbing heat from the tissue in contact and the gaseous phase (or the gaseous phase mixed with remaining liquid) is exhausted. The absorbed heat is a function of the area in contact and the different temperature: the lower the temperature of the needle, the faster the absorption.
  • Liquid nitrogen (LN2) boils at -195° C, therefore is the best coolant for Cryoablation.
  • Cells will be destroyed (ablated): the extreme cold temperature freeze all liquids in and outside (intracellular). Liquid increases their volume, destroying membrane. The time to reasorb the tissue varies, depending on the initial size of the fibroadenoma and other factors.



American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS) indicated (2008) cryoablation treatment, FDA approved, as “safe, effective therapy for fibroadenomas”, considering as a valid alternative to surgical excision in selected cases. In Europe the system is CE approved


  • Cryoablation validity is also confirmed by other organs treatment (kidney, lung, prostate, liver, bone) used from decades with plentiful literature. Now this technic is optimized for use in breast lesions.
  • The absence of pain (extreme cold have an efficient analgesic effect) results in comfortable procedure for the patient.
  • The procedure is fast, it can be managed in-office, without general anesthesia (only local, at the needle insertion point). Patients can return to their normal activity very quickly.
  • One needle procedure allow a rapid placement in the lesion and the ultrasound monitoring make easy and fast the evaluation of the procedure.
  • The cosmetic result (no scar, no suture, no stitch) results in a better acceptance by the patients.
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Necrosis Zone versus Ice Front

Temperature distribution may vary due to local condition.


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Cryoablation technology comparison table

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