Cryoablation: benefits and advantages

Cryoablation is an FDA and CE approved treatment, minimally invasive, for destroying fibroadenomas. Is a valid alternative to open surgery, widely used to destroy tissues in several body districts. It is the use of extreme cold to completely destroy tissue. 



Cryoablation technology is an established, effective terapy that has been used for decades to destroy benign and cancerous tumors in kidneys, prostate, liver, bone and other organs. This technology and procedure has been now optimized for treating breast lesions.



I benefici della Crioablazione

The benefits include:

1. Immediate, safe and effective in-office treatment;

2. Patients report high levels of satisfaction;

3. Comfortable procedure, as the Liquid Nitrogen acts as an analgesic;

4. Fast treatment, with the ability to return to daily activities immediately;

5. No stitchs, no scares, no volume loss, no change in breats appearance: optimal cosmetical look.



  • Minimally

    Extreme cold helps numb the treatment area, making Cryoablation comfortable, easy and fast for the patient. Because the tumor resorbs over time, there is no surgery-related cosmetic impact.
  • Safe,
    best practice

    Cryoablation usually takes only 10-15 minutes, is in-office treatment and many women can quickly return to normal daily activity. 
  • Technologically

    Ultrasound imaging guides a thin needle into the tumor, Cryoablation uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy the fibroadenoma. 

Is Cryoablation right for you?

Cryoablation takes place in a physician’s office. Your doctor will use ultrasound (sonographic) imaging to guide a small probe (thin needle) into the fibroadenoma, after local anesthesia.

Extremely cold temperatures are used to destroy (ablate) the fibroadenoma. The procedure is comfortable and painless, as the cold acts with the local anesthesia to numb the area.

The fibroadenoma cells will be destroyed (ablated) during the cryoablation procedure. Your body will then reabsorb those destroyed cells over time.

You will have a palpable mass (area that can be felt) while your body naturally reabsorbs the treated cells. The time to reabsorb the tissue varies, depending on the initial size of the mass and other factors.


The Cryoablation procedure is a safe and effective way to treat breast fibroadenomas.

A simple, ultrasound-guided office-based procedure can address the anxiety of living with an uncomfortable tumor in your breast. Further, the size and shape of your breast will not be affected as the treated tissue is gradually reabsorbed. Absence of scars assure the optimal cosmetical impact.

No study has reported recurrence of fibroadenomas after treatment with cryoablation.


The American Society of Breast Surgeons states, The FDA has approved the use of cryoablation as "a safe and effective therapy for fibroadenomas”. Further, the professional society reports that the results of cryoablation “demonstrate the procedure to be safe, efficacious, and durable.”



Cryoablation usually takes 10-15 minutes, but only part of this time is the real treatment. No sutures is needed (no visible scar), the needle is really thin: only a “steri-strip” is applied. As in any biopsy, patients will be immediately back to their activities.